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It was the first world meeting of the year and it was being hosted by none other than America. The loud nation would make the meeting stand out, using the oppertunity to promote his countries capital. This time, however, the meeting was not going to be held in Washington D.C.. Instead it was in Los Angeles, California, one of his most famous cities. Home of Hollywood, Disneyland and the rich & famous. The bustiling beach side city was only a four hour trip by car from the infamous desert paradise known as Los Vegas...You know what they say, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas... except herpes, that shit comes back with you.

Hangover reference, anyone?


Iceland sat in the terminal of the Norweigan airport accompanied by Norway and Denmark, waiting to board their flight to L.A. They had decided to travel together to save money and it was more conveinent, and were meeting Finland and Sweden there. Of course, Denmark used it as an excuse to spend time with Norway.

"Hey Ice, where's that little bird thing that follows you?" Denmark asked, looking over Iceland, searching for his bird companion.

"You meen Mr Puffin?" Iceland said, "He's back at home looking after the house. I couldn't take him with me." To anyone else, the thought of a bird taking care of a house was utterly rediculous, but to Iceland, it was as normal as water in ice.

"Is that seriously his name? Come on, ya could've come up with somthing a bit more... unique!" Denmark said, laughing.

"Leave the bird alone, idiot." Norway barley glanced up from his magazine. His words had no real bite to it, for he was just grateful that for once Denmark wasn't annoying him, even if he did enjoy it a little bit when he did. But he would never admit that out loud. Not even for all the butter in the world. That's right, I went there.

"What's wrong with the name? It suits him. " Iceland said defensivley.

"Well, it's just not that creative, ya know?"

"Oh really? Why don't you come up with a better name then, idiot."

"How about..." Denmark looked around, searching for inspiration. A plane that was visible outside the big glass windows of the airport catched his attention. "Qantas! That's pretty damn creative if ya ask me."

This time, Norway looked up from his magazine. Both him and Iceland, being the brothers that they were, facepalmed at the exact same time. "That's the name of an airline. I am not naming my puffin after an airline." Iceland said, glaring at Denmark.

"Fine, don't give your bird an awesome name." Denmark said, pretending to be all dramatic about it.

Soon after, Sweden and Finland joined them and they all boarded the plane to L.A., and of course Denmark shot-gunned window seat. Who wouldn't? The flight to America was long and extremerly boring for Iceland. Denmark and Norway were pre-occupied with each other, as were Sweden and Finland. Once again, Iceland felt left out of his Nordic family, not to mention he missed Hong kong terribly. He soon managed to drift to sleep, thoughts of his boyfriend on his mind.


Hong kong sat in the meeting room in his usual spot beside his fellow Asian countries. He was playing Fruit Ninja on his iPhone. Well more accuratly he was kicking ass at it, even if he kept stealing glances at the door, waiting for a certain Nordic to arrive.

South Korea noticed that Hong kong kept glancing at the door and curiously leaned over. "You know he's coming, right?"

"Of course I know he's coming, it's just.." Hong kong smiled mischieveously, "I like, have a plan."

"What? What is it? Tell me da-ze!" Korea begged.

"Nope, it's like, a secret. You'll eventually find out... Maybe." Hong kong loved to tease Korea by not telling him stuff like that.

"Tell me nooooow!"

Hong kong simply smiled and shook his head.

"You're no fun." Korea crossed his arms in a huff, turning to annoy Taiwan. "Taiwan, Hong kong's not telling me stuff!"

"Uh, maybe 'cause it's none of your business?" She said, rolling her eyes at Korea.

"But, but.."

"Be quiet aru! The meeting is starting soon." China turned from his seat to the three nations, snapping at them. Hong kong went back to watching the door and Korea continued to keep annoying Taiwan. They just ended up playing Mahjong on Taiwan's phone. South Korea stated that he invented the game, earning himself a punch in the arm from Taiwan.

When Hong kong glanced up at the door, it finally opended. Huh, what good timing. Denmark burst through the door, annoncing that he was there so everyone could stop worrying. Norway followed, rolling his eyes and following the Dane with his usual blank expression. Then Sweden entered with Finland, with his cold expression that contrasted with Finland's bubbly and sweet face. However, they made a cute couple nethertheless.

Last but not least, Iceland finally walked through the door. Hong kong couldn't help but grin when he saw Iceland with his classic moody stare. Once he entered the room, Icelands eye's immeadiatly found Hong kongs. For a second they locked gazes, the world around them slowing down to a stop. Iceland's eyes sparkled and a soft blush graced his pale cheeks. It was a blush only Hong kong could see, a blush that was ment for him and no one else.

Hong kong stood and made his way over to his boyfriend, who looked adorable in his formal attire of a brown jacket with a bow tie looped around his neck instead of a tie. Hong kong almost had to hold himself back from full on glomping the shorter nation, but settled for a warm embrace instead.

Iceland looped his arms around Hong kongs neck, bringing him in for a soft kiss on the lips. "I missed you..." Iceland mumbled againgst his partners warm lips.

"I missed you too." Hong kong said back, wrapping his arms around Icelands waist and ignoring the wolf wistles coming from the other nations. Said nations being mainly Denmark and South Korea, which reminded Hong Kong about the promise he made to himself to never let the two wild nations collaborate, for the sake of everyone in the room, or in the planet for that matter. Who am I kidding, the whole universe would implode with the dangerous plans the two of them could conjure up.

They walked over to their assigned seats which were side-by-side, after pulling some strings. In other words, bribing Germany with high quality Danish beer, courtesy of Denmark.... (what he doesn't know doesn't hurt him. Let's just leave it at that.)

The meeting started how it usually started. Each country had somewhat of a 'roll' to play during the meeting. First of all, there was Germany who was trying to get everyone to shut up and settle down, espicially his older brother Prussia, who was stuck between hitting on Canada, insulting Austria (plus threats from Hungary and her frying-pan of doom) or chalenging Denmark to a drinking contest.

Sitting next to Germany was a very worried and hungry Italy who was trying to get Germany's attention and a nice plate of pasta to go along with it. His older brother, Romano, was insulting Spain (in the nicest way possible for him, so, not very nice at all) and half-worrying about where his sister had gotten to. I say half-worring because he was partly (read: mostly) distracted by Spain and his 'cheerfulness charm'.

Next was Japan, who was feeling father uncomfortable. He had been enjoying his conversation with Greece about cats, he was about to show him the 'Nyan Cat' video before Turkey showed up and started bickering with Greece. Egypt and Cyprus watched the two nations fight, shaking their heads in dismay.

America was standing at the head of the table, trying to catch everyones attention by speaking loudly. The only one who was listening was England, only because he was trying to ignore France. Well, that's what England kept telling himself. It's not like he actually was quite fond of America's voice, oh no, not at all. That's crazy talk.

Australia and New Zealand were chilling in the back, that's right, chilling, playing a game of poker with Hutt River and Monaco, with Monaco winning. Canada was part of the game but he dissapeared... and so had Prussia for that matter... hm, strange.

"Where'd Canada go? I swear he was here a minute ago." New Zealand asked, looking around.

"Dunno. Probably went somewhere with his mate Prussia. Your go, Monaco." Australia said, turning to Monaco.


"Aw shucks." Hutt River said, placing his cards down in defeat.

Close by was Russia, who was trying to strike up a conversation with China. Standing behind him was a scared looking Latvia, an angry and hostile Belarus, Lithuania; who was being told by Poland about 'how to like, wear your hair', Estonia and Ukraine, who was not supposed to be hanging around her little brother anymore by request of her Boss, but she didn't really have anyone else. Poor girl. Don't worry though, she ended up befriending Liechtenstein and Switzerland. (Now THATS a crack pairing!)

Then there was Thailand, who was trying to teach Vietnam how to smile. He succeeded in doing so by pecking her on the cheek. N'aaw. Macau and Fujian were silently laughing at China, who appeared very flustered when talking to Russia. South Korea and Taiwan gave up on their game of Mahjong, after Taiwan kicked Korea's ass several times at the game. They ended up playing Ocarina of Time on Korea's new 3DS.

Lucky bastards.

Next was the Nordics. Denmark was trying to edge his way closer to Norway and place his arm around him, but Norway kept dodgeing it. Just when Denmark was about to give up, Norway edged himself slightly closer and let him, much to Denmark's delight. Beside them, Sweden and Finland were surprised to see that Sealand and Ladonia had somehow made their way to the meeting. Rumour has it that they flew there on some of Ladonia's leval 16 Pidgeys, but seriously, who would train a Pidgey to leval 16? Apparently Ladonia. (No offence, but Pidgey is like the 'Bidoof' of bird pokemon. Just saying. Still great though.)

While all this madness was going on, Iceland and Hong kong were sitting right in the middle of it, being invisible to the world. This gave Hong kong a thought, a crazy one at that. It was stupid, spontaneous and exactly what they needed.

"Hey, Ice?" Hong kong said, just loud enough to only be heard by Iceland, grabbing his hand.


"Do you think anyone would like, notice us if we left?" Hong kong said. Iceland could see the michievious look on Hong kongs face, a look that anyone else would mistake for a blank expression.
"Leave the meeting?"

"Yeah if we, like, ditched it."

Iceland thought about it for a second. What if they just got up and left? Would anyone notice? Would anyone care? He looked beside him, at Norway, who was talking to Denmark, then at China, who's attention was directed elsewhere. Iceland came to a decision. After all, as long as he was with Hong kong, he didn't really care. "Alright, let's go. This meeting sucks anyway."

Hong kong gently squeezed Iceland's gloved hand and stared into his violet eyes. "Like, Seriously?"

Iceland squeezed back and smiled. "Seriously."

To be continued lol
Done, finally. Hooray!

once again, sorry for the spelling hehe.

Oh and I don't own Hetalia. It belongs to this awesome guy right here: :iconhimaruyaplz:

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You can also find it on my fanfiction: [link]
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