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What happens when you and your boyfriend ditch your families, an important world meeting and flee off to Las Vagas in search of having a good time? You never know!


Everything had gone exactly to plan, for a change. Iceland and Hong kong had managed to escape the wild gathering of mostly drunk nations, also known as 'an excuse to get laid'. Oops, I meen World Meeting.

"I still can't believe we're actually doing this!" Iceland exclaimed as he was being pulled along by Hong kong towards the exit of the building which held the meeting. Seriously, even the 'Big Chinese Meeting' that China held every now and then was more calmer than this World Meeting, and that's really saying somthing.

"We are and we won't regret it, I promise."

The two of them stepped outside into the cool winter air of Calirfornia, still hand-in-hand. "Where to now?" Iceland asked, turning to face Hong kong. He was excited for their little adventure and had butterflys in his tummy, just like the first time he ever met Hong kong.

Hong kong leant down and rested his forehead against Icelands, looking into his eyes which were like pools of melted lavender. "Do you trust me?" He asked, grabbing both of Icelands hands and intertwining their fingers.

"Of course."

"Good, 'cause I like, have a plan." Hong kong said, his expression morphing into a bright smile. Smiles were rare for Hong kong, up untill he met Iceland he never felt the desire to, but of course, that changed. Iceland was the only one who saw Hong kong's true emotions behind the calm poker face he always wore. Iceland was the only one who had listend to Hong kong when no one else would.

"A plan?" Iceland raised an eyebrow. Most of Hong kong's plans included fire crackers that somehow always managed to end up being hurdled towards a certain Englishman.

Hong kong turned to get a better look of the street that they were currently in. He looked up and down the street before finding what he was looking for, a rental car place that was located a few meters up the road.

"Yep. First we like, get a car..." Hong kong nodded towards the rental place.

"And then...?"

"... We drive to Las Vagas."

Iceland gaped for a moment, thinking over what Hong kong had just said. They were in a city, no, a country, that they weren't familiar with, that alone made Iceland slightly nervous. However, it was different when he was with Hong kong, he no longer felt nervous, he felt safe and secure. That's why the normally impassive nation was compelled to go along with the plan. It would be like a little vacation, Iceland thought, or somthing similar. He found himself somewhat eager to go, you could even say that the thought of him and his boyfriend ditching a boring meeting and crazy families was exciting to him.

"Let's go!"


Meanwhile, at the World Meeting...

Do you whisper italics in your head? Because I do...


It had been approxiamatly 12 minutes into the meeting, and Germany had already lost it and yelled at everyone. It was a new record for him. Everyone had managed to calm down. Even England and France had stopped trying to strangle eachother to death, with the help of America and Canada to pull them apart, and India filming the whole thing because it was down right hilarious.

With everyone finally seated, it was time for a roll call. It does sound childish, but it was necessary to know which countries attend, for future reference and/or blackmail. Germany started to call out the names which were in alphabetical order.


"Hhm?" The sleepy nation looked up to where his name had been called. "Oh, yeah, I'm here."

"Hong kong?"

No answer.

"Hay look, he's gone!" Korea turned to where Hong kong was previously seated and pointed to the empty chair.

"Ice is gone too!" Denmark said.

"Hmm, they probably went somewhere together..." Norway said, looking around the room to see if he could spot his missing brother.

"Aaiya! Hong kong! He's missing aru!" China said worridly, becoming frantic.

"I think we've already established that." Norway said, rolling his eyes. "Now, I wonder where they went off to..."

"Don't worry 'bout it. He's a smart kid, Nor. Takes after you. I don't think he would do anything stupid." Denmark said.

"I know he won't, but as for the other..."



By the time Iceland and Hong kong arrived in Vegas it was already around 4 p.m. and the city was starting to come to life. They left the car parked outside the hotel they decided to stay in, the Excalibur, and opted for walking around the city instead.

They were headed down one of the main streets that was filled with shops and restaurants, when Iceland stopped dead in his tracks, gazing up at the store that he stopped infront of, his face lighting up like a child on Christmas.

"What's wrong?" Hong kong asked, curiously looking at the Nordic.

"That shop! We have to go in there!" Iceland said pulling Hong kong into the four-story m&m shop. The inside of the shop was full of life, little kids squealing in delight, pulling their parents by the hand. The walls were decorated with colours and shelves full of wonderfull and tacky souveniers as far as the eye can see. Did I mention it was four storys? It was heaven. Well, it was for Iceland, who had a weekness for sweets.

Hong kong let himself be dragged around by his boyfriend. The look on Iceland's face was, in Hong kong's opinion, amusing and adorable. He smiled to himself as he was led into the next room. The room was small compared to the others, but probably had the most stuff in there.

When they enetered the room in the corner both of them let out a small gasp. It was full of m&m's. Hundreds, no, thousands of them, in every colour imaginable. Even purple. Purple! Before they knew it they were grabbing small bags filled with their favorite colours, red for Hong kong and blue for Iceland.

By the time they payed for their sweets and left the store it was already dark out. They continued to walk down the popular street, arms linked, nomming on their chocolate. The light radiating off the neon street signs created an angelic glow, highlighting everything in the street, right down to the small building that was a few meters ahead from them. They continued walking, talking about nothing in particular, just enjoying each others company, unconsciencely heading towards the funny shaped building.

It was perfect, Hong kong thought, the way they were right now. Sure, China would be beyond pissed off when he got back but it was totally worth it to spend time with Iceland. He wouldn't want to be anywhere else or with anyone else.

They stopped walking when they realised that they were standing out the front of the building that now appeared to be a small chapel. There was a large sign out the front in the shape of an arrow that pointed towards the chapel, decorated in small love hearts. In brightly coloured letters the sign read 'Capèdha* Millis'.

"Is this like, a marrige place or somthing?" Hong kong asked, looking at the sign that was in a foreign language.

"I don't know... It looks like Spanish to me..." Iceland said, studying the sign.


Meanwhile, inside the Chapel....

A cold chill ran up Sardinia's spine, the type you get when you think someone is watching you or talking about you. Or both.

"What's wrong?" Romania asked, noticing the look of distress on his co-worker.

"I... I think someone, somewhere, just implied that I was.... Spanish..." She said, with a horrified expression.


The little and possibly Spanish chapel perched on the side of the road really was a lovely place. The house was painted white, like the Greek villas that lined the Mediterranean Sea, and looked almost perfect under the moonlight and glow from the neon signs.

Hong kong was admiring the place when an idea popped into his head.

A crazy idea.

A completley and utterly insane idea.

A perfect idea.

After all, it was beautiful night and they were looking for somthing dumb to do...

"Hey Ice?"

Iceland turned to face Hong kong and was about to respond when he was suddenly pulled into a feirce kiss. Their lips melted together and iceland wrapped his arms around Hong kongs neck, pulling him even closer, Hong kong responded by wrapping his arms around Iceland's waist.

Iceland pulled back and looked up into Hong kong's deep brown eyes, "Y-yeah?" He stammered out, catching his breath.

Hong kong smirked for a moment before turning serious. "Let's get married. Right here, right now."

Finally managed to squeeze this chapter out. I don't know if I'm entirely happy with it XD

The next chapter should be fun to write :la:

Hetalia (C) Hidekaz Himaruya
sardinia (C) :iconi-is-kitty:

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