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Had he heard correctly? Did Hong kong just ask him to marry him? A million conflicting thoughts swirled through Iceland's head. Of course he wanted to say yes. Of course he wanted to. He had been dreaming of this day for a long time but never imagined it like this. What about their families? Shouldn't they ought to know? Wouldn't they need rings? Suits? Music? Marriges were common among nations, even though they were considered more of a 'union', so it wasn't anything out of the ordinary. Except, they usually didn't happen in a chapel in Las Vegas.


Hong kong could almost see the gears turning in Iceland's head, not even trying to hide the shocked look that graced his features. He stood silent for a moment, waiting for Iceland to reply. Or breathe.

Hong kong started to get a little worried. What if it was to sudden? What if he wasn't ready? What if he like dumps me right here for asking something so stupid?  What if he doesn't want to do this? Crap... what have I done. He's gonna hate me, isn't he? Crap, crap, crap. He silently argued with himself.

"O-or, we could like, go somewhere or somth-"

"Yes." Iceland said suddenly, cutting Hong kong off.

Hong kong's eyes grew wide with surprise and blinked a couple of times. "Huh?"

"Yes. Let's do it." Iceland said again, sounding more determined than ever.

Hong kong was overwhelmed with surprise and happiness, of course. He smiled down at Iceland and leaned in to connect their lips again. It almost felt to good to be true, like some kind of dream but instead it was real. They were really standing outside a chapel in Las Vegas about to get married, their family and friends not knowing what they were about to do, and they didn't have a care in the world.


Capèdha Millis wasn't an ordinary chapel. For starters, it was owned by an ex-country-now-state, Sardinia. She didn't have a specific reason why she decided to open a wedding place in America when she lived on the other side of the world. I guess you could say that she was bored out of her mind and didn't want to be subjected to listening to her brother Romano going on about Spain all. The. Freakin'. Time. That being said, neither Romano or Antonio, or even Feliciano for that matter, had any idea that she infact did run a little business. It's not like they ever asked or anything.

Anyway, thats not important. What's important is that it looked like she was about to get some costomers.


Hong kong and Iceland made their way up the little path that led to the enterence, up to the big brass double-doors. "Are we supposed to like, knock or somthing?" Hong kong said, looking over the door. There was no sign indicating on how to enter.

"I guess so." Iceland said with a shrug. He reached his fist up the door and delicatly knocked a couple of times.

The door flew open, the two nations taking a startled step back. In the doorway stood Sardinia, grinning widely at the two of them. "Ciao, welcome to- oh, I didn't expect to see you two here..."

Both Hong kong and Iceland were as surprised as she was to see the other standing there. Sardinia had never had her own kind come in before and said countries never expected her to be the owner. Was she even certified?

"Didn't expect you either..." Hong kong said, shrugging.

"Touche. So how can I help you guys then?"

"Well, we've decided to get married right now but..." Iceland started to say.

"We don't have rings or stuff like that. And our families have like no idea." Hong kong finished.

Sardinia was quiet for a moment, deep in thought.  "Hmm... we can work somthing out" she moved to the side, letting the nations inside.

They walked inside and were greeted by a nicely decorated interior. Huge glass windows framed the walls, all the way down to the other side, where a arch decorated with red flowers was perched. Six pews lined the carpeted aisle on each side, leading to the arch. Off to the left was a doorway with the sign "Employees Only" hanging off it.

"Come through here, you guys can get the stuff you need." Sardinia said, opening the door with a swipe of a card, leading the way in.

The room was set up like some kind of shop. There was a glass counter that held all kinds of rings and jewellery. Dozens of racks that held suits and dresses in all different kinds of shapes, sizes and colours lined the walls. In the corner were two changing rooms.

Upon entering the room, Iceland shot an excited glance at Hong kong, who was admiring the dozens of suits that were hanging off one of the racks. I wonder what he would look like in a suit... Iceland blushed a little at the thought.

The door behind them opened and the three of them turned around to see Romania and Bulgaria standing at the doorway holding bags filled with white fabric. "Where do you want this stuff to go?" Romania asked before noticeing Hong kong and Iceland in the room. "Oh, hey guys." He said with a little wave, Bulgaria did the same.

"Set them down over there." Sardinia said, pointing to behind the counter. "You know Hong kong and Iceland, right? Well, they're getting married so can you two please go and get everything set up?"

"Congrats!" Bulgaria said as he and Romania placed their boxes on the counter and left to go tidy up.

First of all, they needed rings. You can't have a wedding without rings. They settled for somthing simple, as there wasn't much choices to choose from. A gold band with a square cut ruby and their names engraved on the inside was all they needed. It wasn't too flashy nor too dull, it was just right.

Next was the suits. One of the perks of being related to Italians was the designer names that came from the country. "Now..." Sardinia said, looking between Hong kong and Iceland, "Who's going to wear the dress?"

"Dress?!" They both choked out at the same time. One of them had to wear a dress?

"Relax, I was just kidding. Of course you don't have to wear a dress. Unless you want to."

Both of them let an audible sigh of relief.


Everything was finally sorted. Rings, check. Suits, check. Everything else, check. Neither of them had written vows. As un-orginized and messy as the situation was, it was utterly perfect. Now, all that was left to do was actually get married. Sounds pretty simple, right?

If it wasn't for a phone call to two certain families, it probably would've been simple.

To be continued
Enjoy :love:

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Hetalia (C) Himaruya
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